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    You Don't Pay Unless You Rank

    Our model is simple – you don't pay until we perform. If we don't do what we promise, you do not pay a dime.

  • risk free SEO

    Risk Free Search Engine Rankings

    Unlike other SEO services, there is ZERO risk with our service! Either we do what we say we can do or you don't pay. It's as simple as that.

  • small business seo

    SEO Expertise

    Our team of experts who have acheived top rankings for thousands of keywords are like your personal SEO staff.

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    Detailed Reporting

    Progress will be tracked and reported so that you know exactly where your site is ranking.

  • "Faster than I expected"
    I started using SEO amplified for my firearms site on June 4th, 2011. By July we were ranking on the first page for all of my targeted terms. This improvement was faster than I expected and the best part is that I didn't have to learn SEO and was able to concentrate on content for my business.
    Dave Lindenscmid
  • "In less than one week...first page"
    I have a relatively new site and I am in the real estate market. I found and entered "indianapolis realtor". Before this the site couldn't be found for that term. In less than one week my site was on the first page.
    Christine Nevogt
  • "Ranking #1 for best keywords"
    Seo Amplified helped us go from four or five new clients per month to four or five new clients per day in less than a month ... we were ranking #1 for two of our best keywords without spending a fortune.
    James Davis James Davis
  • "I am very impressed"
    I am very impressed with the services. I have tried others where I had to pay to do the work myself with no instant results. Within about two weeks I went from 11 to 9 on Google! The best part is that you all continue to get me to number one with just a small maintenance fee each month. This has been the best paid for SEO experience I have ever had.
    Crystal Gardner Crystal Gardner
  • "Ranked in the top 10"
    The great thing about SEO Amplified is that you don't pay them until your company ranks. Going from no web presence at all, to to using SEO Amplified for 1 week, they were able to get my website ranked in the top 10 in a very competitive industry in almost all of my keywords at a very affordable rate.
    Bryan Regnier Bryan Regnier
  • "Dream SEO solution"
    SEO Amplified has been a dream SEO solution. Their customer service is outstanding and what they can do is extraordinary. I was up and running on the first few pages of Google in just 30 days!! I have tried many other SEO companies and ended up spending 4 times as much, getting no where.
    Yasmin Khalil Yasmin Khalil
  • "I saw my rankings go up"
    Rarely do I give out endorsements, but it's hard not to when it didn't cost me anything to try it and I only paid you after I saw my rankings go up. You can't beat that with a stick!
    Dave Gorski
  • "Top ten on competitive keywords"
    We are now ranking in the top ten of very competitive keywords, thanks to the work of SEO-Amplified. They have produced surprising results for us. They really did a great job helping our website get into the top rankings within a minimum of time.
    Oyebade Ajayi
  • "Multiple top five rankings"
    They've produced multiple top five rankings for my clients in record time and provide a level of customer service that's rare in any industry these days.
    Lisa Perry
    Seattle, WA
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    Step 2: Pricing and Keywords

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    Step 3: Request Approval

    Once you have created your account our SEO experts will evaluate your request and let you know whether we believe your site/keyword(s) is a good candidate for our services or not.